Three Tips For Getting Back Into Exercise After An Injury

Sports or exercise injuries can be difficult, as they are not only painful but can make you feel like you have lost progress or proficiency in your sport. However, as described below, there are a few things you can do to ease back into exercise safely after an injury.

Start Slowly

In order to get back into regular exercise or sport after an injury, you should start slowly. Don't immediately jump back into playing full football matches or running marathons, or you will risk re-injuring yourself. However, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for some lower-impact exercise you could do, or for their recommendations on how to ease back into it. This will depend on your injury: for example, Women's Health has some ideas on exercises you can do with a knee injury, such as swimming, pilates, and rowing. In general, start with a short, simple workout and work your way up, and if your muscles and joints hurt, take a break.

Work On Technique

It depends on your injury, but sometimes changing your technique will put less strain on your muscles or joints and will reduce the risk of re-injury. Ask a doctor or physiotherapist what you could change, or speak to an expert in your sport or type of injury. For example, as Runner's World suggests, a runner could reduce strain and injury risk by doing core exercises, shortening their stride, and listening to their body. All sports and exercises, from tennis to yoga, will have adjustments that you can make to accommodate your post-injury body and make them safer, so find out what you can do.

Get Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is useful for a range of ailments and injuries, including sports injuries. It may be suggested after an injury by your doctor or specialist, but if not, you can still look into it yourself. As Allied Health Professionals Australia explains, physiotherapists have a range of functions which may be useful to you, including helping you manage your lifestyle and health, providing injury prevention activities, and suggesting exercises for you to do. You should try to make the most of your physiotherapy sessions by regularly doing the exercises they tell you to do, being honest about your pain and injury, and making any lifestyle adjustments they suggest.

By taking it slow and listening to your body, adjusting your technique slightly, and seeing a physiotherapist regularly, you can recover from your injury and start to enjoy your workouts again.